You may park in front of the building. If there is no parking space available, you may park behind the cars, just be ready to move your car if there’s a need to.
To avoid the crowd, the best time to visit the clinic is either just before lunch break (0:00PM-1:00PM) or early morning(9:00AM).
Dr.Higashijima’s clinic is currently in the process of procuring more parking spaces so please be patient. We have 20.(2016)



OB Visits

Check-ups are done every 4-5 weeks.
Around the 36th-37th week, the visits are evrey 10-14 days.
Please bring your book/DVD
C-sections are scheduled ahead of time, usually Wednesday around 4:00PM and Saturday around 2:30PM.



Items to bring on the day of the delivery

Personal care items (e.g.,shampoo,toothbrush, etc.)
Large T-shirt for delivery
Large glass for water
clothes to wear home for you and your baby Reading/recreational materials
car seat for baby
Extra bed pillows
clean slippers for your spouse.
Cell phone.




You will labor in a room close to the delivery room and walk to the delivery room when you’re 8cm dilated.
For pain relief, you may get a shot to help relieve anxiety.
If Dr.considers you need epidural Ane then he will use it.
After delevery, your baby will be put in an incubator for a few minutes, and then they will wash your baby in a sink, tag your baby’s foot and write your baby’s name in kanji/English.
Dads are welcome to take pictures and videotape.



Birth Certificates

You will receive English and Japanese birth certificates.
Tell baby’s Name to Dr.H.
You need to bring Japanese Birth certificates to Sasebo City Hall.
also English Birth Certificates to PSD.



Hospital Stays

Hospital stays for vaginal birth is between 2-4 days and C-section is about 6 days.
If you will be bottle-feeding, let the Dr. know so he can give you a medicine that will stop you from lactating.
Medicines will be brought to you in a pink envelope and left on your bedside table, along with a thermometer.
Please take your temperature and let the nurse know what it was.
1st time moms will receive an antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and a medication to help with uterine contractions.
2+moms will receive an antibiotic and anti-inflammatory medication.
The bathrooms come with a bouday and dryer.
Please use them during your stay to prevent infection/loosening the stitches,which will absorb.
You may use a Gatarade a pocari sweat bottle at home.



Visiting hours

Visiting hours is flexible; normally before 10PM.
Children are also welcome anytime before 10PM.



Baby Check ups

Dr.H does a 5-day well baby check, which may include removing the umbilical stump.
He returns the stump in a case.
You will receive a form from BHC(MB or Hario) to schedule a two-week well baby check, 6-week postpartum check.
Your baby may have to be sent out for circumcision after 1 month old.
The clinic(MB or Hario) does a two-week well baby check.
At that time the immunizations are started.