Sasebo Surroundings

West direction from Main Base 3Km, 10min by your car.
You can see Lion,Elephant,Bear,Monkey,Camel,Zebra and flowers (Botanical garden)

You can see dolphins,Jellyfish.
And you can enjoy crusing by Pearl Queen & kaiou(big ship)
West Direction from Main Base 3Km,10min by your car.

It is located in Seihi-cho,south-east direction from Sasebo City 30Km,45min by your car.
Entrance Free : adalt 1,000yen child 500yen
Take your children to BIO PARK to see flamingoes,capybaras,giraffes,zebras,hippos,squirrel monkeys(you can touch!)



Ooshima Island bridge

It is located in Seihi-cho,south-east direction from Sasebo City 30Km,45min by your car.
If you ride over the bridge you need to pay 400yen.
There are two island Ooshima,Sakito over there.


It is located in between SASEBO and SAIKAI City.
South-east direction from SASEBO City. 15Km, 25min by your car.
New Saikai Bridgeis built recently 2006.
If you ride over this new bridge you need to pay 200yen.
Saikai side, there is a park for children.
Best season is April,
We have Cherry blossom.





Mikaeri no taki

It is located north east direction via Arita-cho,Imari-city.
50Km away from Sasebo. One hour by your car.
Spring-Summer are good seasons to visit.

Ryutousen & Ohdaru kodaru

From SASEBO South-east direction in Higashisonogi-cho 40mins by your car.
You can enjoy criming along the river.
20 minutes on foot :(Parking space :20cars) biggest water fall is danger one to swim. caution!


2.Ohdaru kodaru
5 min, away from Ryutousen.
You can park beside a hospital(for old people.)
Small children are O.K. to take.


Urami no taki

South-east direction from Sasebo City 35Km away.
One hour by your car. use Route 205→R34.
One famous waterfall in the forest. and lake Nodake is above.
Also motorcycle circuit for children over here.





China on the park – Outlet

This is one of famous china dishes factory
China on the Park Fukagawa Seiji located in east direction from Sasebo city 30minutes by your car.
They produce mostly Japanese style dishes.
They also have restaurant Kulinto and museum Chujikan,

open : 9:00~17:30 Mon-Sun (tuesday : off)
tel : 0955-46-3900
place : Haraakeotsu 111, Arita cho, Saga pref.


This is one of famous china dishes factory
NORITAKE located in northwest of Imari city Saga pref.
One hour drive,northeast direction from Sasebo city.
This factory produce mostly western style dishes.

open : 9:00~17:00 Mon-Sun
tel : 0955-22-8454
place : Nagahama 120-3,higashiyamashiro cho, Imari city,Saga pref.





Hirado is located 30Km away Northwest from SASEBO City.1hour ride by your car.
Hirado is fomous for.old marchardice communicating with European cities, old castle, churches, big bidge,
Many places to visit.





It is located in Kosaza-cho, north-west direction from Sasebo City 20Km, 30min by your car.
There is a big field and cliff.
You could see a nice view north 99islands.